söndag 9 mars 2008

8 mars

"...For many years, Ephron was among only a handful of people in the world to know the identity of Deep Throat, the source for news articles written by her husband Carl Bernstein during the Watergate scandal.Among them was the fact that Bernstein referred to the source as "My Friend," the same initials as " Ephron claims to have guessed the identity of Deep Throat through clues left by Bernstein. Mark Felt," who some suspected to be Bernstein's source.

Ephron's marriage with Bernstein ended acrimoniously, and Ephron was loose-lipped about the identity of Deep Throat. She told her son Jacob and has said that she told anyone who asked. "I would give speeches to 500 people and someone would say, ‘Do you know who Deep Throat is?’ And I would say, ‘It’s Mark Felt.’” Classmates of Jacob Bernstein at the Dalton School and Vassar College recall Jacob revealing that Felt was Deep Throat to numerous people. Curiously, the claims did not garner attention from the media during the many years that the identity of Deep Throat was a mystery."

"...On May 31, 2005, after
W. Mark Felt revealed himself in a Vanity Fair magazine article, Woodward, Bernstein, and former Post executive editor Ben Bradlee confirmed that Felt was the source they called "Deep Throat."

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